Dream of: 08 December 2005 "Working In Europe"

I was in Paris. At first I thought I was with Weinstein, but the fellow turned out to be a young blond-haired European fellow (probably in his mid 20s). I had learned Peggy and Warnock (former female classmates from junior high school) were living there and I had arranged to meet them. The blond-haired fellow and I went to a hotel lobby crowded with people having a big party, like a New Year's Eve party, where I found Peggy and Warnock. Both looked about 30 years old. I recognized Peggy, but Warnock looked different, quite pretty. I stood and talked with them a while, happy to see them. They were both smiling and happy.


The next day I was in a car with Carolina, driving  through the country in Europe. I was still thinking about the night before and about having seen Peggy. I would like to see her again, but I couldn't remember how I had managed to contact her in the first place. I didn't have her phone number, and when I thought about our meeting the previous night, I couldn't remember anything I had said to her. I wasn't sure I would ever be able to find her again.

I was sure, however, that I liked being in Europe. I would like to stay here permanently. I didn't know what I would do here, but I had done some skiing lately, and I thought maybe I would just start skiing all the time. I would go from place to place, skiing down new slopes. When I mentioned my ambition to Carolina, however, she said I needed to get a job.

I didn't like what she said, but when I thought about it, maybe she was right. Maybe I could get a job in Europe. I could apply for a visa in different European countries. My ability to speak French and German should be an asset, and my being a lawyer should help. I might be able to find a job and work here in Europe. That would be great.

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