Dream of: 07 December 2005 "Rotting Meat"

I was in bed with my mother (probably in her late 30s). We were both naked under the covers. We had already made love once and I was thinking of doing so again. I knew she would acquiesce even though she might not want to. Since I thought of myself as a strong man and of her as a weak woman, I figured she would give in.

I heard my sister in the other room. I could see her -- she looked in her mid 20s. I would also like to make love to her and I wondered whether she would be willing. It seemed as if she and I used to make love but we had stopped. I didn't think she wanted to any more, but she might. I pulled the cover back so my sister could see I was naked, but I didn't expose my private area. She came in and lay down on the bed, so close she was touching me. We talked for quite a while, but I never exposed myself. Finally she stood and walked back into the next room. I realized I had missed my chance. If she had been interested, she wasn't any longer. I stood up, pulled on my pants and got dressed

I walked into the next room where my sister was sitting. Another fellow (about 20 years old) had walked in and sat down. He was black-haired and dressed in a marching outfit for a parade. My sister knew him and ;she was talking with him. I also joined in the conversation and the subject of Spanish came up. A Spanish book was lying there. Then we talked about Mexico. He wanted to go to Mexico and I told him he should. I said I had been there many times. He didn't have much money. I said the first time I had gone to Mexico I had only had $100. I didn't mention that I had gone to buy drugs. I told him I had visited Mexico City just a few days ago.

Finally he stood to leave. We were close to downtown Portsmouth, where a parade was going to take place. He walked out the door and right out into the street to the parade. I said, "Keep on marching."

My sister was also going to leave and she offered to give me a ride. We walked outside and boarded a car which she was driving -- I was in the front passenger seat. We first headed south on Chillicothe Street. I told her to take me to the Gay Street House and drop me off there if my father weren't there. I wanted to pick up my old red Honda Dream motorcycle which was in the House, but I only wanted to stop if my father weren't there. I mentioned that the House would be hers one day. I almost said she would receive the House due to her machinations, but I didn't. She said I might still get something from my father. I told her I knew that wasn't going to happen. I thought to myself that she had successfully connived to get all my father's inheritance.

We headed east on Sixth Street. The streets were already filling up with people for the parade, but my sister drove the car through the people as if she owned the place. She even pushed a motorcycle which was in front of us. I worried she might hit someone, but she didn't seem to care. When we reached Gay Street and were a half block from the Gay Street House, I could see my father's car parked there. I told my sister I couldn't go in the House with him there, but that I still might do some work on the yard which I was supposed to do. I said I would walk the rest of the way and I got out of the car. There was no traffic at all on Gay Street. As I walked, I could see my sister's car circling around behind the post office. I thought I might reach the House before she did.

When I reached the House I began pulling up weeds. The place was completely overgrown. I pulled weeds off the porch on the Eighth Street side and under the weeds on the porch I found a cloth bag. I saw immediately that it was filled with a rotting piece of putrid meat. It was disgusting. I gingerly picked it up to throw into a garbage can. I thought my sister had pulled up out back and I wondered if she had seen the putrid meat.

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