Dream of: 04 December 2005 "Ironic Accident"

I was in the front passenger seat of a white car which my mother was driving on Scioto Tail in Portsmouth. We passed a little antique store where stuff was piled in front for a sale. I had once bought something I liked at the store and I hollered to my mother to turn around. She immediately turned right into what looked like an alley. Once we were in the alley, up ahead of us we saw another car backing out the other end of the alley. When the other car finished backing out, a metal-rod gate closed at the end of the alley. As my mother headed toward that gate, the alley became narrower and narrower. I screamed at her to stop, but she just kept going until she ran into the gate, which had a lock hanging on it.

Obviously we were not in an alley at all, but in a private driveway. The woman in the other car was now on the other side of the gate and she looked at us aghast as my mother began backing up. The woman stepped out of her car and walked over to the gate. She opened the gate and began investigating for damage. My mother didn't stop, however. She backed out into the street and kept going. Questions were going through my mind about whether the woman would file charges against my mother and how the charges would be handled. I thought I would advise my mother not to say anything if she were arrested. But what if the case went to court, and I were later questioned on the stand? Would I lie and say my mother hadn't touched the gate? What if my mother then began talking and admitted she had hit the gate? I could be guilty of perjury. No, I couldn't lie about the incident.

Unfortunately my mother backed onto the street the wrong way and continued going the same way we had been headed to begin with. When I screamed at her to turn around, she seemed uncertain what to do. When she passed some streets where she could have turned around, I called her a "stupid bitch" and I even used the word "fucking," words which I never used around her. But she was driving so stupidly I couldn't help myself.

Finally we turned onto 29th Street to head to the 29th Street House. But as soon as we had turned, we saw that the street was blocked off with a sign saying that yard sales were being held all up and down the street. If we had just stayed in the 29th Street House this morning we would have seen all this.

Since the street was blocked off, my mother didn't know what to do. I thought we could get out of the car and walk to the House, but then I realized my brother Chris was in the back seat and he couldn't walk because he had muscular dystrophy. I thought I could carry him, but doing so would be difficult. Finally I decided we could just drive past the sign and go up the street anyway since we lived here. But my mother wouldn't be able to do it. So I said I would drive.

We both stepped out of the car and I climbed into the driver's seat. Just as I started to back up so I could negotiate around the sign, I thought I heard a small thump. I put on the brake and looked outside. My mother was still outside the car. She was bending down behind the back of the car and she appeared to be talking to someone under the car. I also could barely see two small children sitting in the street behind the car. Suddenly I realized I must have backed up over a child who was now under the car. Apparently my mother was talking with the child. I almost slipped into shock as my thoughts jumbled over themselves. Maybe the child wasn't hurt -- my mother was talking to it. What were the children doing in the street anyway? How could I have not seen them? What should I do now? I looked out and saw that I was on the wrong side of the street and that the back tire even appeared to be up on the curve. What laws had I broken? How ironic that after I had been screaming at my mother, I might have ended up backing over a child.

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