Dream of: 30 November 2005 "Wife Of Charles Dickens"

I was standing in the front yard of a house, talking with an elderly woman whom I slowly realized was the wife of Charles Dickens. She was working on several artistic projects in the yard. I began to realize she was having financial problems and I wondered if I might employ her to paint a picture for me. Surely a painting by the wife of Charles Dickens would be valuable. She had done so many paintings -- but they were just scraps and on wood or something else. I would need to buy a canvas for the painting.

Fortunately an art supply house was just across the street. I hurried over to the store and walked in. A man behind the counter began waiting on me. I told him I wanted to know the prices of canvasses. He first pulled out a canvass about two meters high and a meter wide, but it already had a painting on it. He said the painting was by Mark Twain and that he would sell it to me for $200. I wasn't interested because I wanted a blank canvass. But when he told me a blank canvass would cost $200, I wondered if my idea were a good one. After all, if a painting by Mark Twain was only worth $200 and I had to pay $200 for a blank canvass for the wife of Charles Dickens to paint, maybe I wouldn't be able to make any money after all.

Maybe I needed a small canvass. I asked for one and he handed me a canvass only about a meter tall which he said was only $100. I held it in my hands, trying to calculate if this project was going to be worthwhile.

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