Dream of: 28 November 2005 "The Importance Of Closeness"

I had brought my mother's sister-in-law, Jesse, to visit my father in the plain drab room where he was apparently living alone. Jesse didn't know that my father and I were on bad terms, and I wasn't even sure why she and I had come. I was ready to leave as soon as I arrived, even though my father didn't want me to leave.

My father began talking with Jesse about my brother Chris and my brother Adolph. He had a little box which contained some papers and some small pieces of silver jewelry which had belonged to Chris. He seemed to cherish the jewelry, and he seemed to want to keep it with him in a safe place. There were only about six pieces of jewelry and I had bought three of them for Chris. I reflected to myself that my father hadn't bought anything for Chris or Adolph while they had been alive. I walked over to the box, picked up the three pieces and told him I had bought them for Chris shortly before he had died. He seemed surprised. I put the jewelry back in the box. I decided I would let my father keep the jewelry, even though his keeping the pieces I had bought somewhat upset me.

I blurted out that he wasn't going to leave me anything as an inheritance. He said that was true, that he was going to leave everything to his other children. I pointed out that all his other children were dead except my sister, which meant he would leave everything to her. He seemed surprised that my sister was the only other sibling left.

I told Jesse to get ready. I still had to take her out of there. She seemed dazed and confused. My father (who had been sitting down) suddenly jumped up and screamed out that he still might leave me something. He seemed small and pathetic there in the almost bare room. He rushed toward me, threw his arms around me and hugged me. He seemed to be crying. As he held me, he mumbled something about how important the closeness was. His actions seemed a little strange to me since he had almost never shown any inclination to hold me.

I pried him away, but I was a little kinder and I told him he could go with us if he wanted. However when I opened the door to leave, I saw a definite problem. The room was on the second floor and outside we had to descend a wooden stairs with about 20 steps to reach the bottom. The stairs were crowded with people trying to come up with a lot of small children.

I wasn't worried about going down the stairs myself, but my father and Jesse were daunted. Jesse was particularly frightened. She started down the stairs, clinging to the rails, then finally sat down and curled up. I walked to her, picked her up in my arms and carried her down to the bottom where I laid her in the snow which covered the ground. Then I headed back up for my father. He was having a terrible time. I grabbed him by the clothes and kept him from sliding down the stairs, but his weight pulled me and we descended rather quickly. When we reached the bottom, he fell down and sprawled out on the snow -- but he wasn't hurt. He and Jesse stood up and began walking away. I started to walk with them, but before we left, I wanted to show them how well I could manage the stairs. So I ran back up the stairs. No people were on the stairs now, but a line of people was waiting at the bottom to climb the stairs, like people waiting for a ride at a fair. I saw my mother's brother, Ronald, in the line. He also saw me, but he turned his head away and he didn't seem to want to speak.

I ran up the stairs in my heavy shoes. When I reached the top I hollered out to my father, "Dad, watch me go down!"

Then I slid down the stairs, just hitting the edges, of the steps. I was very fast. I had no problem, even though the stairs were covered with ice. It was exhilarating.

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