Dream of: 27 November 2005 "German Plaza"

I was lying on a couch in the living room of the 29th Street House in Portsmouth, the house where my mother was living. It was already 9-10 in the morning, but I still wasn't fully awake. I was drifting in and out of sleep. I had the television on and I flipped through the channels with the remote, finally ending up in the 300s, where I was surprised to see channels, some blurry, some clear. I wondered if my mother knew she could get these channels. I heard German and Spanish on some channels. I tried to stop on a German channel, but it sounded more like Spanish.

My mother walked in and sat down on couch. She was on the phone, but she wanted to talk with me about something. She was very pretty (probably only 25-30 years old). She was wearing a skirt and once when her skirt was hiked up, I thought I caught a glimpse of her pubic hairs. I knew she and I had made love in the past and I wondered if we could do so again right now there on the couch. But she didn't stay -- she had something to do and she left.

I concentrated on the television again. I knew I needed to get up (it was already late), but I wanted to hear a German channel. I listened and dozed off. When I awoke again, I was standing on a street in a city in Germany. Hundreds of people were standing around. A parade was approaching. I could already see part of the parade a block away.

A little boy (about 5 years old) began harassing me: he walked up and hit me several times. Finally I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him over to two police men who looked like London bobbies and I said, "Me esta pegando." They took him off my hands.

More people were on the other side of the street waiting for the parade. I walked over there, passed behind the people and came out in a gigantic plaza. I was enthralled: I was so happy to be in Germany. There was so much to learn there. This is why I couldn't burden myself with a normal job -- because I needed to be there learning things. I just wondered which city I was in -- I didn't think it was Berlin.

A huge bronze statue (probably six meters tall) stood in the middle of the plaza. The statue was of a man clad in clothes of the 1600s. It was magnificent. Behind the statue was another tall building with huge German double-eagle symbols on top. I was enthralled. This was where I needed to be.

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