Dream of: 22 November 2005 "Skull In A Mushroom Cloud"

I had been given the chore of developing a symbol for some dangerous radioactive material. The symbol should be designed to warn people to stay away from the material. I thought about the design of the symbol. I first had the idea of showing small figures of a man, woman and child. The figures would be drawn as if they were disappearing, or being blown away, as if from a blast from an atomic bomb.

To complete the symbol, I thought about also putting the drawing of a mushroom cloud next to the figures of the people. Thus the symbol would clearly show that the mushroom cloud was the cause of the people disappearing.

However, I still wasn't satisfied. Suddenly I thought of something new: I could put the picture of a skull inside the mushroom cloud. As the image of the mushroom cloud with the skull inside crystallized in my mind, I realized I didn't even need the image of the three people. The image of the mushroom cloud and the skull was sufficient in itself. 

In the end, I settled on the image of the skull in the mushroom cloud, which I could clearly see in my mind. This image should certainly warn people to stay away from the container displaying the image.

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