Dream of: 16 November 2005 (2) "Department Store Worker"

I was working in a large department store, something like a Wal-Mart. I had taken off from law school to work here. Even though I was only making $15-$20 an hour, far less than a lawyer would earn, I liked the work, and I intended to continue for a while.

I had a supervisory position. I would walk around the store and direct people. Today we had a bit of an emergency and some boxes of canned food needed to be brought from the warehouse area to the grocery area. I went to the warehouse and found that the conveyor belt which bought out the boxes was going too fast and the boxes were piling up. I quickly tried to pull boxes off the conveyor belt and pile them on a shopping cart I had brought with me. Finally the conveyor belt was turned off and I was able to fill up my cart and head back to the main part of the store.

As I was pushing my cart along, my boss showed up and told me I needed to check a table on which some electronic toys were being sold. He told me to make sure that ample supplies of each toy were kept stocked on the table. He had already told me this once before and I had forgotten. I told him I would definitely take care of it.

He left me and I continued pushing my cart. I would tell the clerk in charge of the toy department to make sure that four packages of each toy were on the toy table at all times.

I was learning a lot. I would probably tell my father about working there, even though nothing I did really mattered to him.

I reflected that my picking up this merchandise from the warehouse had not been a very good use of my time. It would probably take me an hour to complete this task, and I didn't even know if the stuff in the cart was worth my wages for an hour. I needed to be more careful about how I used my time.

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