Dream of:  15 November 2005 "Deer Hunters"

I was standing on the edge of a huge wheat field with the wheat coming up almost to my neck. The field sloped downward from me so I could easily look out over it. I wanted to walk across the field, but suddenly I remembered that deer hunting season had started and this was a popular field for deer hunters. Even as I looked over the field, I could see the heads of several deer above the wheat, running toward the forest on the edge of the field. I started counting, one, two,... all the way to over ten.

Then I saw the heads of the hunters in the field. They were firing their rifles at the deer and I saw one deer drop. I thought I saw the bodies of other deer also lying in the wheat. I hated to see the exhausted deer shot down by the hunters. What I hated even more were the deer hunters themselves. I definitely hated deer hunters.

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