Dream of:  November 2005 "Mortified"

I had recently become a funeral director in a funeral home. I had two partners, both women (probably in their 30s). Unfortunately, I had just discovered a problem: we had buried a woman in the wrong grave. I was discussing the problem with one of my partners (a tall attractive blonde woman). But she seemed in a hurry to get somewhere and didn't seem to have time to deal with the situation at the moment. I was dismayed by her attitude since this problem was of the utmost importance. But I told her to go ahead and leave, and she did.

In addition to the mis-burial, a second funeral had gone awry in some way, and I would have to also deal with that. But now I needed to concentrate on the first problem. I would have to contact the family. The deceased had been an elderly woman, and in my mind I could still see the family gathered around the grave. I thought it curious that no one in the family had noticed the burial was in the wrong grave. But I knew that ultimately my funeral home would be held responsible. I wondered if we should simply dig up the body and re-bury it in the correct grave without any formal ceremony, or if I should contact the family to attend the second burial.

I thought about what I would say to the family. I would use the word "mortified" to describe my feeling. This word seemed especially appropriate in the circumstances.

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