Dream of: 11 November 2005 "Beautiful Wings"

I was flying over the Hill in New Boston. I could see the area where my father had built his new home, the Second House in New Boston, although I didn't see the House itself. Mostly I saw the forest which covered the hills. I looked down on a long stretch of tall pines, and I thought how I had once thought I would someday hike through those woods. But since my father and I had fallen out, I saw no chance of that happening.

I soared past my father's property. I wanted to circle over this entire section of land, circling around the roads which surrounded the land. I spread my long whitish-gray wings which extended out longer than my arms. I continually and gracefully moved my arms up and down to move my wings. The wings felt great, but my arms were growing tired from all the work. I decided it was time to descend.

I landed on the east end of New Boston. I pulled in my long wings. I now realized the wings were connected to my back just behind my arms and below my shoulders. They seemed to fit perfectly. Once I was on the ground, I was able to conceal the wings so they weren't visible. I was very happy with the wings.

I walked into a house where Anderson lived. Anderson's mother was inside, but she was busy with something and she didn't pay any attention to me. The house seemed a bit disorganized. I thought Anderson was here, but since I didn't see him, I stepped back outside. My arms were still sore, but I thought I had enough strength to spread my wings and fly west down the street. I started unfurling my long beautiful wings.

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