Dream of: 10 November 2005 "At The Junkyard"

I awoke and found myself lying on a couch in the little office of a junkyard. I remembered that I had come here earlier in the day with Anderson. Anderson had left to go somewhere and he was supposed to return to pick me up. Meanwhile I had fallen asleep.

A pretty black-haired woman (probably 18-19 years old) had walked into the room. She stepped over to the couch where I was lying and she tried to reach something on a shelf above the couch. In the process she pressed herself against me. I watched her black and white dress move toward my face until her crotch was pressing against my face.

Suddenly a man's harsh voice sang out, wanting to know what I thought I was doing. I had to admit that it looked as if the woman and I were engaged in some physical activity. But as the woman backed away, I protested to the man that I was merely lying here on the couch waiting for someone.

The crusty heavy-set man (probably in his late 50s) walked over to the couch and sat down right beside me. He pressed his foul body so close to mine that I felt trapped, and when I tried to get up, he wouldn't let me. Several other men were also in the room, perhaps the sons of the older man. I sensed immediately that they intended to do me some harm. Thus I was a little surprised when the woman sat down next to the man, right in front of me. The man reached over and pulled her top down exposing her small but well-formed breasts. One of the younger men then walked over and placed his mouth on one of the woman's breasts. The woman didn't try to stop him.

The younger man then backed away from the woman. The older man (still holding me) told me to now put the woman's breast in my mouth. This was all starting to seem very bizarre to me. I refused. The woman was attractive, but I didn't want to have anything to do with her. I just wanted to get out of here.

The older man's attention was distracted from me for a moment, and I managed to stand up from the couch. In a flash I ran out the door. I surveyed my surroundings. We were up on top of a hill out in the country. Instead of taking the little dirt road which ran out of here, I started scrambling down a little path which led down the hillside. Another man also came out of the little building and followed me, but he didn't seem connected with the other men. He likewise seemed to want to escape. With me in the lead, we scurried down the hillside. I could see the road below. It looked as if I were going to escape.

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