Dream of: 09 November 2005 "In The Library"

I was sitting in a small library. A few other people were sitting at other tables, including three men dressed in brown uniforms who looked like security guards. Suddenly several policemen marched into the room and grabbed two of the uniformed men. The police struggled with the men, but finally hauled them out of the room.

I quickly flipped through the book I was reading and found a section on the law regarding the arrest of people in libraries. The section specifically said that a lawyer must be present before someone could be arrested in a library. I had thought this was the law to begin with, but I hadn't said anything to the police officers. When the police returned to arrest the third man, however, I stood up and walked over to them. This time a man in a suit who apparently worked for the library was with the police officers. I immediately told him about the law requiring an attorney to be present. I also added that I was a Texas attorney, but since we were in Ohio here, I was not a licensed attorney here.

The man in the suit immediately took charge and told the police officers not to arrest the uniformed man, and he directed the police officers to bring the other two uniformed men back into the library. He turned to me and said he would like to see the section of law to which I was referring. I walked back over to my book to look for the section.

In the meantime, Carolina had shown up. I opened the book and began flipping through it and I told Carolina what I was looking for. Unfortunately I simply couldn't seem to find the section. The book was not an ordinary law book - it also contained pictures. As I flipped through the book, I told Carolina that a certain picture was in the lower left corner of the page for which I was looking. I looked and looked, but I couldn't find the section again.

As I looked, a neatly dress black woman (probably in her 50s) walked up to me and thanked me for what I had done. She indicated that no one else would have helped the three men. She also intimated that she would be contacting me to do something else for her. When she walked away, I noticed a $100 bill under a cup which contained some other money. I had seen the $100 bill before the woman had arrived, so I knew she hadn't left it there. But I picked it up anyway, showed it to Carolina, and acted as if the woman had left it for me. I was thinking of putting the money in my pocket, but I hesitated, because I knew I actually had no right to the money. Besides, other people in the library might have seen me. Holding the money in my hand, I continued flipping through the book.

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