Dream of: 08 November 2005 "Tombstones In The Basement"

I awoke early in the morning and immediately realized I was in the new house which my mother had recently acquired. I was sleeping in the basement, which was gigantic - the size of a warehouse. It was filled with a combination of furniture and tombstones. This morning I intended to start arranging all the furniture and tombstones in some kind of order. I thought how I wouldn't mind helping my mother because someday I would inherit part of her property, in contrast to my father, whom I wouldn't help do anything, because I would never inherit anything from him.

I walked around the huge room. Maybe I would arrange the furniture and tombstones in a circular fashion with an empty space in the middle of the room. People could visit and sit facing the empty space, or walk around through the tombstones.

Along one wall were a couple pianos. In between them was a little stand with a drawer on top. I opened the drawer and found a small piano keyboard inside with only half a dozen keys. It was rather cute.

I walked into another area and saw a trash can full of trash. Just then my mother walked in. I told her I needed a garbage bag so I could dump out the trash from the trash can and take out the garbage. She seemed glad to see me at work.

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