Dream of: 07 November 2005 "Tornado Pounding The Church"

While at the Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio, I met a black-haired woman (probably in her late teens) who was a medical doctor. As we walked along together, I noted how ugly she was, especially her crooked teeth. Nevertheless, something about her charmed me. When we sat down together at a table, I put my arms around her and hugged her. I felt very close to her, and I could tell she felt the same way. We both knew we were falling in love.

As we sat next to each other quite a while, another woman walked near us. She was also a medical doctor and she likewise was quite ugly. Finally, up walked another woman whom I recognized as my old girlfriend Vickie. Vickie (who knew the woman sitting with me) was probably in her late 30s, so much older than when I had last seen her. She had grown quite obese over the years. I reflected how much I had once cared for Vickie, how at one time I had been in love with her, and how I had regretted our parting. But that love had long since vanished. Now that I looked at her, I wondered if I could have prevented her becoming so obese if we had stayed together.

I turned my attention back to the woman with me, surprised by how quickly I had fallen in love. She had now changed her position so she was lying in front of me with her legs spread open. I could see her white panties under her dress and I ran my hand along her stomach above her panties. Vickie (still standing near us) commented that she didn't see anything wrong with what I was doing, but she said this might not be the appropriate place.

Another woman whom we knew stepped up and mentioned that her father was building some apartment buildings close to Tracy Park in Portsmouth. In fact, we were no longer at the University, but were sitting in Tracy Park. The woman said she herself intended to build some apartment buildings, but when I questioned her about it, she didn't seem to know much about building apartment buildings. I asked her how much she would charge for an apartment per month and she said $1,000. I told her there was no way she could get more than $600 a month in Portsmouth. When I asked her how much the apartments would cost to build, she said she could build two for $50,000. When I asked her if she had financing in place, I could tell that she didn't. So her idea sounded scatter-brained.

On the other hand, if she could obtain financing, building the apartments might be possible. I told her she first needed to calculate how much her monthly loan payments would be if she borrowed the money. From there she could make her other calculations. I thought to myself that I might even be interested in investing $50,000. I had a little money I could invest.

As we talked, I looked off to the horizon and noticed a huge tornado headed straight toward us. Probably a dozen people were sitting around us. I looked across the street and saw a big brick church with the side door open which led to the basement. I hollered to everyone to run across the street. We all did so and rushed into the church. Once inside, I stood in the doorway and I watched the tornado. It became thinner and thinner as it came closer and it looked as if it were going to miss us, but suddenly I felt the wind and I knew the tornado was headed right toward the church. I turned and ran down the stairs into the basement.

In the basement I could feel the church shake. All the others were crouching under a big wooden table. I climbed onto a couple chairs pushed under the table, lay down, and listened to the tornado pounding the church.

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