Dream of: 05 November 2005 (2) "Under The Church"

I was driving a car in which my wife Carolina was riding in the front passenger seat. As we passed through a small town, the steeples of a couple churches loomed ahead of us. I took a detour and immediately Carolina said I had done so in order to pass by the churches. As we approached one church, I could see the colorful stained glass windows. As I drove up a hill toward the church, many people were walking around on the street and one fellow stepped right out in front of me. I had trouble with the brakes and only managed to stop the car at the last instant. I thought how disastrous hitting him could have been.

When we reached the top of the hill, the street abruptly ended in front of the church. We parked the car and climbed out. We stood in front of the church, which appeared to be built atop some stores on the ground level. The stores almost seemed part of a mall, under the church. Many people were coming out of the stores. We walked inside into the crowd of people who looked as if they were just getting off work. Suddenly Carolina said she had been here before. Once long ago, when I had been away, she had come here and apparently had worked here a while. She said she remembered one day in particular, when she had been working here, she had been worried about me, and had asked someone what had happened to her "baby" (referring to me). I looked at her and told her that she really did care about me.

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