Dream of: 04 November 2005 "Playing Dead"

A woman and I were watching a movie staring Demi Moore. Dressed only in bra and panties, Demi was fighting with someone. As the fight progressed, her panties were pulled down, revealing her pubic region. I wondered if the woman with me was going to be offended by the scene. I found the scene interesting, but not arousing. Finally, Demi's bra and panties were ripped off, leaving her completely naked.

As the movie progressed, I realized I wasn't merely a spectator - I was an actor in the movie. As part of the movie, another fellow and I had earlier been with Demi, but now we were tied up here in the same room with her. The man who was fighting with Demi had kidnapped her. The kidnappers had also rummaged through the room and had found a small baggie of marijuana. I noticed that some of the marijuana had spilled onto the bed. I thought maybe later after the scene was finished, I would check the marijuana to see if it were real. Maybe it was simply fake marijuana used in the scene.

The other fellow and I remained tied up, lying on the ground. I knew that in this scene, he and I were going to be shot. I wasn't looking forward to being shot. Even though the shooting wouldn't be real, the idea of it was a bit scary.

Finally the gun was pulled out and I was shot in the head. I lay still with my eyes closed and my mouth open. I tried to control my breathing so my stomach wouldn't move up and down and ruin the scene. I lay still for quite awhile. I definitely didn't like acting as if I were dead and I finally seemed to fall asleep and start snoring.  

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