Dream of: 02 November 2005 "Regrettable Behavior"

My mother and I had just stepped up to a line of people waiting to get into my class reunion. When I saw Peggy (16-17 years old) standing in line, I stepped up to her and said, "You probably don't want to stand next to me."

She didn't respond. The line moved forward a bit and Peggy and I ended up standing next to each other. Another of my old classmates, Warnock (also 16-17 years old), was standing with Peggy. I said hi to Warnock.

I didn't know what else to say to Peggy, so I spoke to Warnock, telling her she looked so young after all these years, almost exactly as she had looked back in high school. I was purposely trying to flatter her, and I succeeded. The more I looked at her, however, the older she looked, although she still looked very young.

Speaking to both Peggy and Warnock, I told them I had attended the first 10-year reunion. Even at that time I hadn't recognized most of my old classmates because they had looked so much older. Peggy and Warnock asked me what people had done at the 10-year reunion and I replied that mostly they had just stood around and talked.

While I spoke, I was thinking about Peggy, wondering if she had read any dreams I had written about her. I had the feeling she had, although I wasn't sure. But I knew she and I had recently communicated about something. Peggy and I were standing closer and closer together, and finally we lay down next to each other on the ground. As I talked to her, she let me run my fingers through her soft hair. I asked her if she had read the dreams and she said she had. I concluded that if she had read the dreams, she knew the remorse I had felt over all these years for the way I had rebuffed her in junior high school when she had told some people she liked me. My behavior those many years ago had been deplorable. I turned to her and said, "I cared about you a lot, and I didn't know it. No, I did know it, but it was the first time and I didn't know how to deal with it."

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