Dream of: 01 November 2005 "Authority Over Lions"

I was standing in a field atop a high ridge. Brown wheat, waist-high, was growing in the field. In the valley below stood several white houses. My job on the ridge was to watch over a pride of lions consisting of two males and five or six females. Although the lions weren't allowed to go down to the houses, one male lion headed down the hill, and all the other lions, except one female, followed. Abruptly, however, the lions turned around and came back up the hill. The female which had remained ran toward the others and they began playing with each other. Just as abruptly, they began heading down the hill again, and this time the female joined in.

I was definitely going to have to intervene because the lions weren't allowed to go down the hill where people were. I began talking with another person standing near me and I explained that I was responsible for maintaining authority over the lions. I realized I had authority, but not complete authority, and I was also calculating what I would do if the lions attacked me. I might have to climb up one of the small trees on the edge of the field. 

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