Dream of: 30 October 2005 "Damaged Car"

While Carolina and I were at an auto auction, we found a sporty black car we liked. The car was damaged - it had been hit on the side. The bidding started at $10,000 and something. I bid. Then someone bid around $13,000 and I backed off. After I backed off, the auctioneer went back to the $10,000 bid. I saw what they were doing. They were just trying to get me out to keep the price low. I protested and the auctioneer allowed normal bidding between me and the other guy. Our bids increased in increments of $100 until I won at $11,000.

Everyone else moved on to the next car, while Carolina and I stayed and examined the car I had bought. It was a convertible. The top was down, but a mattress was lying on the top of the car. I pushed the mattress to the side and climbed into the driver's seat, while Carolina climbed into the passenger seat.

Only now did I notice the body of a dead woman in the car. I told Carolina we would have to remove the body. Except for the body, the car was in pretty good shape. I pointed out that the interior was cloth and not leather, but it was still in good shape. Of course we would have to have the damage on the exterior repaired.

We stepped out of the car and walked inside a bustling building where we found a man who worked on cars. I spoke with him. He had already measured the damage on the side of the car. He thought the damage was serious, but no problem to fix. I wondered if I might get him to work on one of the cars in my back yard. I would like to fix my old 1986 red BMW and maybe drive it to Mexico.

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