Dream of: 23 October 2005 (2) "Most Powerful Man"

I was in my small bedroom, reading a book, when George H. W. Bush (the father of George W. Bush) walked in. Perhaps 60 years old, he was slender and immaculately dressed in a suit. I ignored him at first as he looked around the room, but finally we spoke. He seemed to want to portray himself as just an ordinary man, but I pointed out that for eight years while he had been president, he had been the most powerful man in the world.

I was amazed when he said he had never thought of it that way, and I immediately began giving the reasons for my statement. I pointed out that many men had had more money than he, but that as president he had controlled more money than anyone. I said what had made him most powerful, however, were nuclear weapons. He had controlled the most powerful nuclear weapons in the world.

He still did not submit to my reasoning, so I continued. I explained that other people might have also been involved in deciding when to use nuclear weapons, but he had been the person of highest rank in the decision-making process. I told him if all the people in the world were lined up in a line from the least powerful to the most powerful, he would have been at the head of the line.

I was enjoying the conversation and I was surprised Bush was staying so long. I wondered if I should bring up his son, George W. Bush, and mention that his son was now the most powerful man in the world. I also thought about Bill Clinton, and I even pulled out a little book which contained cartoons about Clinton. I wondered if Bush would be interested in looking at it, but I concluded he would not, and I laid the book back down.

During our conversation, I was also a bit embarrassed because I was wearing a bra and some frilly little shirt which was hanging open so the bra was visible. I was not even sure myself why I was wearing the bra (which was small, like a training bra), but Bush seemed to pay it no mind, and he continued on with the conversation.

He said I should take into consideration the cardinals in Rome. I immediately thought he must be talking about the Pope, or perhaps even Jesus Christ, and my mind began running in those lines. I wanted him to understand that I was not talking about spiritual power, but worldly power. Besides, I thought Jesus Christ should not even be involved in the conversation because he was dead.

Bush continued expatiating and he mentioned the "Cretan bull." I was taken aback. I had not expected Bush to be so erudite and I was particularly embarrassed because although I had heard of the Cretan bull, (and I prided myself on my knowledge of Greek mythology), I could not remember the story of the Cretan bull. I was not even sure of whether Bush was using the story as an "analogy" or as a "metaphor," as I had never developed a clear understanding of the difference between analogy and metaphor. Finally, however, I concluded the Cretan bull was an analogy and I told Bush he had used a fine analogy. But I admitted I was unfamiliar with the myth of the Cretan bull.

Bush immediately began explaining the myth. He said it went back to the first 16 centuries of the history of Troy. I pulled out another book written in Latin and opened it to a page which talked about the Cretan bull. I saw the words "Cretan novus" written together and I suddenly realized the Latin word "novus" meant "book." I had always thought "novus" meant "new."

As Bush continued talking, several other men dressed in suits had walked into the room. They were obviously with Bush and they seemed surprised to hear him back here talking with me.

When I looked at myself in a mirror, I only looked about 16-17 years old and my lips were red as if I were wearing lipstick. I was quite pretty, but I could see why the men were surprised. My father had also walked into the room, and he likewise seemed surprised. Nevertheless, Bush and I continued our conversation unabated. Both of us were enjoying the intellectual stimulation of our argument. Bush was definitely much more intelligent than I would have thought.

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