Dream of: 22 October 2005 "Kissing Cousin"

My grandmother Leacy was living in the Gallia County Farmhouse and she had installed some paneling in the living room. The paneling wasn't new, but had been taken from another house and brought to the Farmhouse. I noticed that numbers had been written in a row along the top of the paneling. I seemed to recall that in the other house a shelf had been above the paneling and pots with plants had been sitting on the shelf. I figured the numbers had been written to number the plants. Since the numbers weren't needed anymore, I climbed a ladder and began wiping off the numbers with a damp cloth. I didn't mind helping my grandmother. After all, she had no children left, she had outlived them all. It must be strange to outlive all your children. Then I recalled that not all my grandmother's children had died because my mother was still alive, and maybe even my uncle George was still alive. I couldn't remember for sure.

As I was on the ladder, I looked out the window right next to me, and I saw a school bus pass by on the road below. The driver of the bus was a man and he hollered up to me something about my being a "carpenter." I wondered who the man was. Since it looked as if he were pulling into the driveway, I climbed down and walked outside, where I encountered my sister. She said the driver was her ex-husband, my ex-brother-in-law, James.

Suddenly several people came walking up. They had obviously come with James. The first one was a pretty black-haired girl (around 15 years old). My sister said the girl's name was "Teresa," and that she was the daughter of one of my step-cousins. I thought about my step-cousin Harry. I replied that the girl must therefore be my great-step-niece, but then I corrected myself and said that she must be my second-step-cousin. My sister thought I was correct when I had said the girl was my great-step-niece, but I maintained the girl was indeed my second-step-cousin.

All the while the girl had been stepping closer and closer to me. I thought she was probably going to give me a friendly kiss on the cheek. I would certainly allow it. She was definitely enticing.

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