Dream of: 20 October 2005 "Antique Store"

Jon and I were standing outside the Fort Worth Rock House, where I was living. We walked around outside and looked through a window. It looked messy inside, with my clothes lying on the couch and chairs. Carolina was somewhere inside, but we couldn't see her.

Jon and I left the House and headed down the street for about a block, until I noticed a little antique store I had never seen before. All kinds of old things were sitting in the display window. We walked in and I browsed around. I saw a big intricately-carved wooden couch, which had legs like a rocking chair. I sat down and the couch tipped all the way back on its back, and then straightened back up. I stood up from the couch and asked Jon how much he thought it cost. I figured it was priced at $2,000. Thus I was surprised when Jon likewise said $2,000. I blurted out that that was exactly what I had thought. We checked the price tag, and it was less than $2,000.

I began thinking maybe I could bring some of my stuff over here and get rid of it.  Maybe I could sell my big antique organ here. Maybe I could even get rid of some of the old post cards I had. I could bring over a few at a time and sell them.

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