Dream of: 17 October 2005 "Headed To War"

I was visiting an uncle in a room which apparently was in someplace like a nursing home. He was sharing the room with a second man and two beds were in the room. My uncle was probably only in his mid 60s and he seemed quite healthy. He even had some kind of fancy machine in the room which looked something like a table saw, but was much more complicated. I thought it was used to shave off small amounts of either metal or wood. I asked him which, but I didn't receive a satisfactory answer.

I stayed for quite a while. I hoped he didn't get the idea I was visiting just so he would like me and possibly include me in his will, because I had no thought of that. I was actually enjoying myself, and when my uncle left the room for a while, I even lay down on his bed and commented to the other man how comfortable the place seemed. The other man chimed in that he enjoyed living here, and I began to see that my uncle was actually quite happy here.

When my uncle returned, I thought at some point he surely must become tired of staying in the room all the time. From my window I could see the Anatole Hotel (we were in Dallas) and I asked him if he had ever visited the Anatole. He said he hadn't. I hadn't been in the Anatole in quite a while myself, and I asked him if he would like to go. He indicated he wasn't interested.


My uncle, his roommate, and I had ridden the short distance to the Anatole in my uncle's car and we were now inside. I was surprised by how much the Anatole seemed to have grown since I had last been here. The spacious hallway which fronted the hotel had grown to two stories, each bedecked with statues and fancy couches and chairs.

I wandered off alone down the long hallway and soon found myself separated from my uncle and his roommate. When I finally began searching for them, I first walked up and down the long hallway, faster and faster, back and forth, until finally I was actually flying. I flew up to the second floor and flew back and forth, still unable to find them. When I finally landed on the second floor, I couldn't seem to find the stairway back to the first. Instead, I found a place where the second floor came to an abrupt end with a drop-off straight down to the first. A chair was sitting below and I clumsily lowered myself down unto the chair and thus returned to the first floor.

I was tired of searching. I was disappointed to think my uncle might have simply left me here; but I wasn't far from his place and I could walk back there. I headed for the exit.

People were crowding in around me and among them I noticed about a dozen young soldiers. I was impressed by how tall and strong they appeared, definitely stronger than I. What a shame, I thought, that they would soon be sacrificed in war and would die so young. I felt a pang of compassion for them, knowing their fate, as they headed to war.

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