Dream of: 15 October 2005 "Fire Extinguisher"

I was in the House in Patriot, the interior of which looked like the second floor of the Gallia County Farmhouse. I was moving out my possessions which I had stored in the House, stacking my things in the middle room so I could carry them out. I didn't want to leave anything there. Among my possessions was a red fire extinguisher which I must have left there long ago. I pressed the handle and a little liquid came out. Thinking the extinguisher might still be good, I put it in the stack.

A chubby black-haired girl (probably 18-19 years old) was in the House. She was my third cousin (whom I had met in the late 1960s when I had been about 15 years old). While she lay on the bed on her back, I sat down next to her. When she spread her legs apart, I sat down between her legs with my back against her crotch and my legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Moving slowly, I put my hand behind my back and began feeling her crotch through her pants. She didn't stop me and she seemed to enjoy my touching her. I was a bit concerned because my mother was also in the House and I feared she might come into the room. Nevertheless, I continued until finally I stuck my hand right inside my cousin's pants and inserted my fingers into her vagina. She definitely enjoyed it -- she moaned, gasped and twitched. I worried my fingernails might be too long and I might scratch her inside; but she didn't seem to mind.

My cousin was friendly and I liked her. I didn't see anything long term with her, but her company was pleasant. Our passions grew and soon I had completely undressed her. She rolled over on her hands and knees as I positioned myself behind her. I thought of sticking one of my fingers into her rectum. As if she had read my mind, she told me to use my thumb. Just as I pulled her buttocks apart, however, I heard my mother coming in. My cousin and I quickly rolled around and I jumped up. My cousin had to pull up her pants so her pubic hair wouldn't be exposed. My mother left, but then returned again. I stood up and headed off my mother before she could come all the way into the room. I was still clothed and I directed my mother away from the room. 

As my mother and I were leaving, I noticed myself in a mirror. More than half my hair had unexpectedly turned gray. My hair was very thick and sticking out like a thin mossy antler, perhaps a half meter high and a half meter on each side. My cousin called out that she liked my hair like that and that she would help me fashion it. I also liked it - it was extremely unusual.

My mother and I walked outside onto the front porch. I wanted to keep her out of the house. Since my sister was cutting the grass in the side yard, I directed my mother in that direction. I didn't see my sister, and I was surprised that the grass (which had been cut) was blue instead of green.

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