Dream of: 12 October 2005 "History Test"

I had arrived at a house where I had been taking a history class with about 20 other people. Today we were scheduled to have an exam and yesterday we had been given the 20 questions which would appear on the exam. I had thought I would pass the test without problem so I had only glanced at the questions without studying them. I had arrived 15-30 minutes early so I could look more closely at the questions and perhaps discuss the questions with one of the other students. Now that I began looking at the questions, I realized they were much more difficult than I had anticipated.

All the students sat down around a big table to take the test. Most of the other students were young women and all seemed as if they were busy and didn't want to be disturbed. But there was one elderly woman (around 70 years old) with whom I thought perhaps I could discuss the questions. Unfortunately, the woman stood and kept walking around the room. I couldn't persuade her to sit down and go over the questions with me. She finally stopped long enough for me to read one of the questions to her, but she seemed so distracted, she didn't seem to even grasp what I was talking about, and she finally just walked away.

I glanced over the remaining questions and settled in on the final one, which was one of the easier ones, but which still seemed difficult to me. I read the question and tried to analyze it. It was about a woman who was trying to track where her husband had been going. The woman had been monitoring the odometer on her husband's car, and she had also been checking the amount of gas her husband had been using in the car. She also calculated the time her husband had the car and the time she had the car. The calculations seemed so difficult, I knew I was going to have to spend much time just on this one question.

The questions were not terribly difficult. They simply needed to be analyzed and that required time. If I had only spent time analyzing the questions before coming to class, I would have done fine. But now I was out of time, and passing the test would be very difficult.

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