Dream of: 09 October 2005 "Stuck In Mud"

I was thinking of going back to school in Portsmouth. Even though I had already finished law school, I still needed to complete my last year of high school. I particularly needed to finish courses in trigonometry and English. I had already had some math courses, but I still needed to study trigonometry. I thought the classes would probably be held at Grant Junior High School, which I thought would be dark and dingy. But suddenly I remembered that Grant had been torn down and a new high school had been built in Portsmouth.

I thought of talking with the principal (a man about 40 years) about my returning to school. I figured he would agree with me that I should return, especially since I was only 19 years old and I was supposed to be in school until I was 21. Still, I would probably be older than most students and I wondered what the other students would think of me. I imagined myself walking through the halls in a black leather jacket.

As I was standing outside the school, I turned to go in, but I discovered my feet stuck in thick mud and I had trouble pulling them out.

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