Dream of: 28 September 2005 (2) "Irish Creme"

I had cleaned a bunch of stuff out of my house and given it to some people living next door. Now I discovered that I needed something which I had given away, so I went next door, knocked on the door and walked inside.

A man and woman were living in the house. As I walked around the various rooms of the house, I was surprised by how much stuff I had given them. I noticed an antique green metal lampshade which I had given them, as well as about 10 old Bakelite radios. I continued through several rooms until I reached the back room. 

A woman (about 50 years old) who reminded me of my step-mother walked in carrying a fifth bottle of liquor called "Irish Creme." She offered me the bottle and I thought I would try it. I took the bottle, opened it and took a drink. The liquid was so thick, I had to hold the bottle upside down over my mouth and let the liquid slowly drip down. It had a strong chocolaty taste - I decided to drink the whole fifth. I sat down and drank and drank, intending to drink it all. But I couldn't seem to finish. After I had drunk a great deal, the bottle was still almost full. I now noticed that the contents of the bottle were clear on top, and darker on the bottom. I shook the bottle to mix up the liquid. It wasn't so syrupy now, and I started to drink again. 

A girl (17-18 years old) whom I knew walked into the room. I was sitting on a wooden bench and she sat down next to me. I hadn't expected her., and now I felt a little guilty because I was becoming intoxicated and I was tingling all over. She was sitting so close to me, her right cheek rubbed against my left cheek. I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me. Her presence pleased me, even though I still felt guilty about my drinking. Obviously, however, she wanted to be here with me, which made me extremely happy. 

The girl had lived a rough life. I reflected that my life had also been rough, so we carried that in common. We continued sitting with our cheeks touching. 

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