Dream of: 28 September 2005 "Doubts About The Future"

Three other fellows and I were each rowing our own boat through marshy waters, past wooded islands. One fellow (who somewhat resembled my brother Adolph) became separated from the rest of us. I, however, was not particularly concerned about the lost fellow, because I had a vision of the future, from which I was able to look back at the time he was lost - approximately 2:30 - until the time when he would apparently be found again.

The situation nevertheless began to deteriorate. Both the other fellows had guns, and one fellow was somehow shot in the leg. 

The three of us reached a dock where people were unloading supplies (including some camping gear) from a larger boat. I wished we had some camping gear, but we did not. The camping gear soon seemed irrelevant, however, because when I looked off into the distance, I saw a gigantic funnel cloud, which I identified as a hurricane, which blackened the sky.

I also had a vision of the future regarding this hurricane. I knew it would pass close to us, but it wouldn't actually hit us, and we would survive. Nevertheless, the hurricane covered a huge portion of the sky and was dreadfully ominous. I told the others that a massive amount of water would be generated from the hurricane. I knew this because I had recently acquired some knowledge of hurricanes.

I also noticed many small funnel clouds forming and I told the others that hundreds of tornadoes would be spawned by the hurricane. Even though I had foreknowledge that we would survive, as the black menace bore down on us, I began to have doubts. I crouched down behind a little wall on the dock and grabbed the wall as a shield. I still thought I knew the future and that I would survive, but now I was beginning to have some doubts whether I would live through this. 

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