Dream of: 27 September 2005 "Baby Manatee"

Carolina (only 15-16 years old and quite alluring) and I were in the ranch-style house where we were living. As Carolina was speaking with another girl on the phone, I noticed some girls in a car drive by the front of the house, where the traffic was heavy. Finally Carolina went outside and got in her car.  She passed by the house, then stopped her car, got out and started talking with the girls in their car. 

Cars were backed up all the way to the end of the street, and since I didn't want Carolina's car to be left sitting on the street in front of the house, I walked outside, climbed into Carolina's car, and drove it back into our driveway.

Carolina finally came back inside and again began talking with some girls on the phone. I became a little upset when I heard her mention "a date" and something about how they might "eliminate some boys." I couldn't discern the exact substance of the conversation, but it sounded as if she were planning to go to a party in Dallas. When she hung up the phone, I walked over to her. She could tell I was angry. I told her she was going to the party in Dallas "to get fucked." I looked at her and told her she had "probably already gotten fucked."

I was not so much bothered that she might have be seeing someone else, but I wanted to know about it. I didn't want her to see someone without my knowing. When she didn't deny my accusations, I actually became somewhat aroused by the thought that she was seeing someone else. I didn't tell her, but her dalliance seemed somehow erotic to me, and since we hadn't made love in a couple weeks, I thought I would take a bath and have sex with her now. 

I headed for the bathroom by walking out into the back yard, where we had several pools. Some kind of animal was swimming in one pool. At first it looked like a small whale, but I finally concluded it was a baby manatee. It was black and less than a meter long. I jumped in the pool with it. Carolina also walked out back and she watched as the manatee jumped into the air like a dolphin and fell back into the water. She ooed and awed. 

I moved closer to the manatee and I felt its muzzle with my fingers. When it closed its mouth around my fingers, I was afraid it would bite them, but I didn't pull back. It clamped down lightly on my fingers with its small sandpaper-like teeth (like those of a catfish). With it still holding onto the two small fingers of my left hand, I moved toward Carolina and I raised the manatee into the air so she could see it. The manatee was quite loveable and I enjoyed being with it. Carolina was happy to see it. Apparently she had been taking care of it out here, along with several other animals 

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