Dream of: 25 September 2005 "New Job"

I was a slim, black-haired woman (about 25 years old). I walked into a small clothing store where I had recently obtained a job. As soon as I walked in, a woman (about 60 years old), who worked as a saleslady here, looked disapprovingly at my attire. I told her I intended to buy some clothes for myself, and I began picking out some things. I then walked into the dressing room and changed. When I looked at myself in the mirrors, I saw the change of clothes had done wonders for me. I was wearing a black top and a black skirt, and I had put some kind of sleeves on my arms from my wrists to my elbows. I was very attractive. But as I looked in the mirror, I realized my top was transparent and I could see my medium-sized breasts, my nipples (somewhat obscured) and the dark aureole around my nipples.

I walked out of the dressing room and back to an office in the rear of the store where another woman (about 40 years) who ran the store was sitting. She was amazed at the difference the clothes had made in me. I pointed out that my nipples were visible and I knew that was not appropriate here. I told her I couldn't fix it today, but I would tomorrow. She didn't seem concerned.

After I turned and walked back out into the store, the strap on my right shoulder fell down and exposed my right breast. I pulled the strap back up, but I had trouble fastening some complicated hooks which held the strap up.

I thought I could handle my new job. It wouldn't be hard: I would simply be telling people how good they looked in their new clothes. 

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