Dream of: 23 September 2005 "Pathetic Refrigerator"

Having returned from a trip, I went to Paz's house, where I found Carolina. Before I had departed on the trip, I had left a refrigerator with Paz to keep for me. I now walked into the room where I had left the refrigerator, and I discovered about 10 refrigerators which belonged to Paz. I thought I saw mine -- a dark green model. I opened it and found it filled with all kinds of food, including cans of pickles, cans of long cucumbers, and many kinds of fruit. 

I hollered to Carolina several times until she came into the room. I told her Paz had filled my refrigerator with all kinds of stuff. Suddenly, however, I realized I was looking in the wrong refrigerator. I looked around and saw my refrigerator (somewhat smaller than this one) and I walked over to it.

I opened my refrigerator and saw the things which I had left stored there, including some granola, and I commented to Carolina about how pathetic my stuff was. I had perhaps 20 different items. Carolina pointed to four or five cans. I had bought the cans to take with me when I had left for my trip, but I had forgotten and left them behind, so she had put the cans in the refrigerator for me. 

I asked her if she had looked inside the refrigerator while I had been away. She said, yes, that it was pathetic how little I had in there. I thought to myself that at least I had now found the right refrigerator so I could take it home with me. 

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