Dream of: 20 September 2005 "W.C. Fields"

I had walked into a motel room, looking for one of my old law school classmates, Brian. I found the room crowded with 25-30 men who seemed to be having some sort of meeting. I stood by the door, casting my eye out over the room for Brian. My back was against the door, and when I felt some pressure on the door as if someone were trying to come in, I announced to the others that I was going to open the door. But some of the others anxiously cautioned me not to let anyone in without first knowing who the person was.

I looked out the peep hole, and related to others that a man in his early 20s with blondish hair was standing outside. The others indicated that I could now open the door, and I did so. 

The fellow stepped into the room, looked around, and said that we weren't supposed to be here. I immediately realized that this fellow worked for the motel, and that all these men were not supposed to be crowded into this room like this. The fellow backed up out of the room and took off.

Suddenly everyone else in the room started running out because they now knew they were going to be caught if they stayed. I also ran outside and I saw the blond fellow coming back toward the room. Now he had taken off the blond wig which he had been wearing and he revealed that he was actually a woman. Another person was with her. The woman said something to me, indicating that we were in trouble. But I knew we hadn't committed a serious offense, not one for which we could be arrested. The worst that could happen was that our pictures could be taken for evidence and then we could be brought to court. So all the men were running away, trying to avoid having their pictures taken.

As we all ran down the street, I cut off to my left through some bushes, separating myself from everyone else except one fellow who ran with me. After we passed through the bushes and came out on another street, the other fellow ran off by himself.

As I stood alone, looking up and down the street, trying to decide which way to go, a little oriental girl (4-5 years old) stepped up next to me and said something to me. I responded, "Go away, kid. You bother me."

I thought to myself that I had once heard W.C. Fields use those exact words, and it seemed peculiar that I would have used them. I felt a bit guilty about having been so rude and abrupt with the girl, but I was in a hurry and I just didn't have time for her right now. 

I stepped away from the girl out into the street. I had to make a decision -- either to go right or left. If I went right, I would go back by the hotel, and I might be recognized, so I didn't want to go that way. But if I went left, I might have to circle all the way around the mountain which was right in front of me. That could take a very long time. So instead, when I noticed a winding road leading up the mountain, I decided to take that. 

I crossed the street and I jumped onto a big boulder beside the winding road up the mountain. Almost immediately I felt extremely strong and agile. It seemed that I had been practicing mountain-climbing for awhile, and the practice had paid off. I jumped from the first boulder to a second, and already I was high up on the mountain, looking down into a deep abyss below. Yet I was unafraid. 

When I jumped onto yet another boulder, the boulder moved beneath my weight and started to roll. I almost rolled back with the boulder, which would have been fatal. But instead of rolling, I calmly leapt up in the air, let the boulder roll out beneath me, and I landed back on solid rock, on my hands and feet. To fall from here would be certain death. But I was in control, and even though I looked down from these heights, I was completely unafraid. If I had been afraid, I probably would have fallen. But maintaining my poise and composure, I continued to spring from boulder to boulder.

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