Dream of: 19 September 2005 "Moslem Refugees"

I had been living in a home with some people in a European country. While out on the street one day, I encountered two men who were refugees from either Iran or Iraq. Even though the men didn't speak any English and I couldn't talk with them, I brought them back to the house. The people who were allowing me to say in their home had been very kind to me, and I felt bad about imposing on them with the two refugees. But I felt so sorry for the two refugees, I just had to bring them back to the house. As well as being refugees from their own country, they were now being pursued by the immigration authorities.

Today I was walking around and saw a couple more male refugees swimming in a creek. They were also being pursued and I helped them climb up on the bank of the creek. They likewise were either Iranians or Iraqis.  Even though I knew this was getting out of hand, I headed back toward the house with them. I didn't know how to explain this to the kind people who were putting me up in their house. But I felt compelled to help, even though I realized these men were Moslems and I shouldn't be helping Moslems like this - I should be helping people who were more of my own bent. I promised myself I wasn't going to help any more Moslem refugees after this.

As we headed toward the house, the authorities kept following us, determined to capture the men. When I reached the house, I showed the men into a room with a couple beds where they could sleep. I didn't want the last two men to meet the first two (even though I knew they would all be happy to see each other) because I didn't want to cause too much confusion right now.

The authorities soon showed up and four or five men marched into the room. One man in a trench coat obviously belonged to a secret service organization. He marched around the house and scrutinized the place. He walked into the room where I had taken the second two men. I was afraid he would see the first two men in the other room, but he didn't go in there. He began making some measurements of the room and he even pounded a little nail into the wooden floor for some reason which I didn't understand. Finally the authorities left the house without arresting the men and the commotion settled down.

I walked outside. Next to the house was a big lot which seemed to be part of a gas station. A truck with a load of coal was backing up in the lot. I began guiding the truck back. During the last couple days I had been working with other coal haulers to unload coal.

Suddenly the truck stopped and dumped the coal off into a big pile on the ground. Clearly the coal would have to be shoveled up. I thought the refugees in the house could come out and help shovel the coal. Thus they would at least be able to help with something while they were here.

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