Dream of: 18 September 2005 "Padme"

I was lying on a sandy beach with Weinstein and a friend of Weinstein's with whom Weinstein had lately been traveling. I told Weinstein I was thinking of traveling myself, perhaps around the outer perimeter of the United States. I might go up to Manitoba. I would like to see the Artic Circle. I thought perhaps Weinstein, his friend and I could travel together for a while. 

Weinstein began talking about "powers" which he had and I told him I had also developed certain powers. Although we were lying on a beach, a black mantel (like in a house over a fireplace) was next to us, and some little pieces of wood were hanging from the mantel. Weinstein was able to make the wooden pieces move simply by looking at them, and finally the whole mantel started moving. I was very impressed. Obviously Weinstein had developed the power of mind over matter. I told him I had only begun to develop this power myself and I could only make small things move. For example, a pair of socks was hanging from the mantel and I thought I could probably make those move.

Weinstein continued his demonstration by making some things fly in the air. I joined in the demonstration, and I was able to make a stick fly in the air. The stick flew around and I even made it do cartwheels. Weinstein didn't say anything, but clearly he saw that I also had certain powers.

A black cat was sitting nearby. With my mind, I made the stick fly like an arrow straight toward the cat. The stick hit the cat right in the nose and stuck in the nose. Someone ran up and pulled the stick out of the cat. I told Weinstein I hadn't intended for the stick to actually hit the cat. I had intended the stick to stop just short of the cat and stay suspended in air in front of the cat.

I stood up and walked over to the cat. Lynn (the girlfriend of my nephew Steven) was holding the cat, which belonged to her. She was crying. I looked at the cat. I thought the stick had hit the nose, but now I saw the stick had hit the cat right above the eye. There was a red spot where the skin was scratched. The cat looked in bad shape and I seemed to recall having earlier done something harmful to the cat. I looked at the cat and told Lynn it was OK, but I felt very bad about what I had done to the cat.

The cat was looking up at me. Its long golden tongue was hanging out and it was panting. It seemed like a friendly cat. Its name was "Padme."

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