Dream of: 17 September 2005 "Two Months To Live"

Carolina (25-30 years old) and I had gone to a doctor so Carolina could have a checkup. We were dumbfounded when the doctor told Carolina she only had two months to live. We walked out of the doctor's office in shock. Outside, we became outside, and Carolina wandered off by herself. I boarded the car and drove around looking for her. I was extremely distraught. Finally I saw her standing on the side of the road and I pulled up to her. I called, "Hey, doll."

I told her to get into the car. She did so and I drove off, headed to a hospital, where I hoped to receive a second opinion. We reached the hospital, parked, and walked into the emergency room. A nurse took us into a small room and began conducting some tests on Carolina. The nurse said a surgeon would have to do another test on Carolina's lungs. I asked the nurse if the surgeon could do the test today. The nurse indicated that the test wasn't commonly done on the first day. But since this was an emergency, the nurse seemed to think the surgeon might be able to look at Carolina today.

I was still holding out hope that the first doctor had made a mistake, or that there was a cure for Carolina's ailment. I still didn't know exactly what the problem was and I was anxious to find out. 

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