Dream of: 14 September 2005 "Drew Carey Dentist"

Carolina and I had walked into a dentist's office where Susan (probably in her mid 40s) was the secretary and her husband, Drew Carey (the actor) was the dentist. After we had waited about 15 minutes, I stepped back outside onto the street, where I saw Carey (about 40 years old and dressed in a beige suit), who appeared to be leaving. I hollered out to him that we had been waiting for 15 minutes. He replied that he had thought we had come for a simple check-up, and his presence wouldn't be necessary. I told him no, I was here for a full examination and a possible filling of a cavity. I even made a motion with my hand, like a drill, to emphasize my point. 

Since he seemed to understand me and I thought he was going to go back into the office, I headed back inside. After stepping back into the office, I told Susan I had seen Drew outside, and I sat back down.

We waited about another half hour and Drew never showed up. Susan finally picked up the phone and called Drew on his cell phone. She angrily told him that if he did not return today, he would have to come back early in the morning. I was also becoming upset because I thought Carolina would have to miss work if we returned in the morning. But then I realized she wouldn't have to return with me because only I was having the dental work done. Nevertheless, she said she could be late for work anyway. 

I stood up, walked over to another phone and picked it up. I could hear Drew talking. Apparently Drew had tried to call Carolina on her cell phone, and he had ended up connecting with Carolina's aunt Luz (the sister of Carolina's mother, Paz). I didn't know how he had reached such a connection, but apparently he was trying to reach Carolina to reset the appointment. I wanted to tell him that I was in his office and he could call me here. I hollered into the phone, "Drew! Drew!" to get his attention, but he couldn't hear me. 

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