Dream of: 09 September 2005 "Unlocked Door"

While Carolina (who looked about 30 years old and strongly resembled Louise) and I had been living together, some conflict had arisen between us for a while, but then we had started getting along well together again. However, I had noticed Carolina had started leaving frequently in the evenings and staying out for quite a while. Even tonight, she had left about 10 p.m. At first her leaving hadn't bothered me, but now I began to wonder if she could possibly be seeing another man. 

This evening, as another person (for whom I was caring) and I were sitting in a room on the second floor of the house where Carolina and I were living, I began wondering if Carolina had locked the door behind her when she had left. I thought I needed to go downstairs to make sure the door had been locked. Before I could go down, however, I heard a knocking sound. Still seated, as I looked through the door of the room, I was surprised to see a tall slender man (probably in his late 30s with black hair and a black mustache) at the end of the hallway, at the top of the stairs, knocking on an open door to another room. He looked Russian.

I immediately jumped up and ran to my bedroom to retrieve my gun. I frantically searched all over the room, but I couldn't find my gun anywhere. I looked at some things sitting on the neatly made bed, but my gun wasn't among them. I realized I had made a terrible mistake. First, I had left the downstairs door unlocked. Second, I should have my gun with me at all times.

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