Dream of: 02 September 2005 "Shelter From A Tornado"

While walking through the downtown area of the town where I was living, I met a heavy-set, black-haired woman (about 30 years old), dressed in black. I had been looking for the woman because she had done some work on my house to fix it so it would withstand a tornado. I stepped up to her and told her she had made a mistake and she needed to correct it because the house wasn't ready for a tornado. I told her we needed to go back to my house immediately, because, as I looked off in the distance, I could see four or five funnel clouds on the horizon coming right toward us on one side, and yet another thinner funnel cloud headed toward us from the other side.

The woman hopped on a moped and said she would go to the house. But when she tried to turn on the moped, it wouldn't start. She said she was out of gas. I stood in disbelief as the tornadoes bore down on us.

Quaint little shops lined the street around us. I stepped up to a man (about 20 years old) standing in front of one of the shops -- he looked like the owner -- and I asked if the shop had a basement. He didn't answer, but through the open shop door, I could see a stairway leading down to a basement. It looked as if shoes were sold in the shop and as if part of the shop was in the basement.

The woman and I ran through the door and down the stairs into the basement. As we descended the stairs, I asked the woman where she lived, and she said she lived with the singer Madonna. I thought she had told me that before, but I had forgotten. Thinking Madonna's house probably had a big basement and would be safe, I blurted, "Take me home with you."

However, it was too late now to go to Madonna's house, so we continued down into the cramped little basement. A couple little boys had also run down the stairs with us, and they headed for a crawl space in the back of the basement. The woman followed them. They all appeared to be looking at stuff stored back there.

Suddenly I felt the tornado hit the building. I wanted to step under the stairs, which were made of metal, but there wasn't enough room for me there. So I crouched down in a corner. I was afraid the tornado might blow debris through a window over my head. Suddenly the room filled with falling dust. I thought maybe I should follow the others back in the narrow space where they were. I could hear them talking. Maybe I would even discover some interesting things back there. But mainly I just wanted to find some place safe. I thought the building would withstand the tornado, even though the impact had been powerful.

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