Dream of: 26 August 2005 (2) "Junk Yard"

I had recently acquired a junk yard (perhaps by inheritance) containing about 200 junk cars. I had only visited the junk yard a couple times, and I had come here today because an auction was supposed to be held to sell all the cars. I had decided I wasn't interested in keeping the cars, and I would prefer to simply have the land.

I was standing in the small one-room building where the junk yard office was housed. The room itself was junky. Men had already crowded into the room in anticipation of the auction. One man apparently was claiming that he had some ownership interest in some of the cars and he was here to protect his interest. I hadn't been aware of his interest.

About 10 other men were standing around and talking among themselves; apparently they didn't know I was the owner. I lay down on my back on the floor and listened to them. As I lay on the floor, I noticed that some of the linoleum was held down by nails and the heads of some nails were sticking up. I recalled that the last time I had been here I had pulled up some of the linoleum and I must have failed to pound the nails back down when I had laid the linoleum back down. I thought about pounding the nails back down now, but then decided it didn't make any difference because I intended to tear all the linoleum out of this room anyway.

A television was turned on in the room. As I lay on my back I watched a little of a show about race cars racing around a track. As one car sped around a corner, a cylinder (about four centimeters in diameter) popped out of its wheel onto the track. I was impressed by the design of the cylinder -- it seemed rather beautiful. I thought the cylinder would be interesting to have just to look at. Maybe I could even find some interesting pieces in my junkyard to keep -- after all, there were thousands of different pieces out there.

When I finally said something to the men in the room, they all looked at me and suddenly they all realized I was the owner. They immediately took interest in what I had to say. I stood up and started talking a bit about the auction.

In the room was a magazine rack which contained a number of my books. Some books were hardback collections of comics. All the books were in fine shape and rather valuable. I had decided I was also going to sell the books at the auction and I told the others as much.

I didn't expect to make much money from the auction. But I didn't much care. I just wanted to get all the junk off the land because I thought the land was valuable. I was willing to sell the cars cheap just so I could have the land. I told the men standing around that if anyone had any interest in any of the junk cars, he needed to move the cars today, because everything was going to be sold.

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