Dream of: 26 August 2005 "Raising Snakes"

I was with my grandmother Leacy and my mother at the House in Patriot. We were on the front porch, which was enclosed like a room. Many other people, including some of my relatives and other people whom I didn't know, began arriving and taking seats on the porch. When my mother said that "Ivy" had showed up, I looked up and an old woman (about 80 years old and about five feet tall) stepped out the front door of the House unto the porch. Ivy was somehow related to us, but I didn't know how. I asked my mother who Ivy was, and from what my mother told me, I concluded that Ivy was the daughter of one of my grandmother Leacy's brothers. The brother apparently had died, but Ivy's mother and Ivy were still alive. As Ivy took a seat on the porch, I thought about talking with her, but I didn't.

Someone said my uncle Ronald had arrived. I turned around and saw Ronald (around 60 years old) and his wife Violet standing behind me. I walked over to shake his hand, but instead, when I reached him, I put my arms around him and pulled him close. Violet stepped back as Ronald and I gently hugged for perhaps 30 seconds. I felt very close to him as I softly rubbed his neck with my thumb. We didn't talk much. We separated and he said his son, my first cousin Ronnie, was there and then he and Violet walked off to look for Ronnie.

I was enjoying myself. I wanted to learn as much as I could about these people. When some black women showed up, they sat down over to the side by themselves. One young black woman seemed particularly haughty. She disdainfully asked if any new houses were being built there in Patriot. I told her that new houses were sometimes built there, but not often. I said one had been built there about 30 years ago. But then I corrected myself and said that a couple new houses had recently been built there.

I thought of taking a walk around the block. Everyone seemed a little bored and I thought a walk might liven things up. Instead, I sat down on the couch next to a fellow (probably in his mid 20s). Someone began playing a religious song on a piano sitting on the porch. People began singing and the fellow next to me zealously joined in. With a sarcastic tone in my voice, I also chimed in. I thought how I would like to talk with someone there about religion, I enjoyed criticizing religion so much. I thought about talking religion with the fellow next to me, but I could see that he was the religious sort and this might not be the proper venue to begin criticizing his religion.

The fellow's girlfriend was also with him. I noticed that from the waist down she was only wearing a pair of panties, but I couldn't see the top part of her body. When she lay down next to the fellow, her panties had come off so she was completely naked. She positioned herself so her legs were touching my legs, and finally she turned so her leg was pressing against my crotch. She didn't seem to mind having her leg rubbing my crotch, but when I rubbed my toe against her ankle, she seemed offended. I was disappointed when she stood up and walked away.

I looked out into the yard where something which looked like coconuts were hanging in a tree. About the size of pails, their tops had been cut off and they had been fashioned to hold water so the people there would have something to drink.

A boy walked up and showed me some glass containers with about 20 different varieties of snakes inside. All the snakes were different colors (blue, orange, yellow) and all were only about five centimeters long. I was fascinated by the snakes. I thought this was exactly what I would like to do: raise little snakes like this. I wanted to talk with the boy about how he raised the snakes. I asked him if some of the snakes died on him and he said they had, but he was still able to keep some alive. I was completely fascinated. I would definitely like to raise snakes myself.

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