Dream of: 25 August 2005 "Airport Waiting Room"

I had been sitting in the waiting area of an airport for quite a while. I finally walked to a separate waiting area over to the side. This was a long room with seats along the walls, and a row of seats down the middle of the room.

I decided to do some exercises. I knelt down, then jumped up, trying to touch the ceiling. Once I was in the air, I was actually able to float for an instant before coming back down. I did this several times, but was never able to actually touch the ceiling.

On my last attempt, instead of falling back to the ground, I stopped in mid-air and remained floating. Slowly I moved my head backwards until I was in a prone position, as if I were lying on my back, about two meters above the floor. In that position I began moving backwards, the same way I would do if I were floating on my back on the surface of water. Paddling my hands as I would if I were swimming on my back, I floated around the room several times, a couple meters above the floor.

Many people watched me in amazement as I floated on my back around the room. One man even reached out to touch me. He smiled as if he were awestruck by what he was seeing. He seemed to want to touch me to verify that I was real.

I only had trouble when I reached the end of the room and I had to turn the corner to go back around to the other aisle. But I managed the turn. All the while I could hear soft music playing either in the background or in my mind. I paddled along in the air with the beat of the music.

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