Dream of: 23 August 2005 (2) "Seeking Refuge"

I was sitting on the side of a little hillock, reading something. Snow was on the ground all around me. I looked off in the distance and I saw a huge tornado moving toward me. At the bottom of the hillock (only three or four meters away) were standing two men, looking nonchalantly at the tornado. Not far from them was a little store.

I quickly jumped up and headed down the hill, thinking I would seek shelter in the store. But when I reached the bottom of the hill, I realized I had left my eyeglasses behind. I looked toward the tornado, trying to judge if I had enough time to go back up and retrieve my glasses. I decided I had time, and I rushed back up the hill. I found my glasses lying on a little stump.

When I looked at the tornado again, I saw that it was much closer. I didn't know if I would have enough time now to reach the store. And I wasn't even sure if the store would be safe. I would have to rush in and ask if there was a basement. If the store didn't have a basement, I would have a problem. The tornado was extremely big and was coming very fast.

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