Dream of: 21 August 2005 (2) "Rampage"

I had found a large house which I wanted to buy in Portsmouth. I took my father and my mother to the house to look at it. Clearly the house needed extensive work. We walked through the house and finally ended up in the huge basement which had unpainted rafters and walls painted green. I talked about how I might repaint the basement and what a nice big room it would make.

I walked over to a smaller room in the basement, found a chest of drawers, and I looked through the drawers which were filled with all kinds of stuff. I found some old Christmas cards and other cards, all of which I thought must have belonged to the woman who had previously owned the house. Another drawer was filled with nails and screws which I thought I might keep.

I walked back upstairs to a main room where I was going to finalize the sale. Horr (a Portsmouth real estate broker) and the sellers had showed up. Horr was involved in the transaction and I began talking with him. I knew I was short about $12,500 and Horr was going to loan me the money. When Horr said he was going to charge me 7% on the money, I was a bit concerned. I calculated that 7% of $10,000 would be $700 a year, which seemed a hefty rate of return on the money. And I would be paying even more if I were borrowing $12,500. Loaning money sounded like a good business. I might even want to go into the business myself. I had some money in the bank for which I was only collecting 3%-4%. I had thought 3%-4% was decent, but if I could collect 7% instead, I would be very happy.

My father was supposed to help me some on this purchase (I even wondered if I might be able to borrow the money from my father instead of from Horr), but abruptly my father said he wanted to go somewhere. He insisted until I walked out of the house with him, boarded a car with him, and rode away with him driving. But once we were in the car, I was no longer with my father, but with the actor Marlon Brando (who still had attributes of my father). He was about 60 years old and grotesquely obese. I told him I needed to return to the house to close the sale, but he didn't seem to care, and he kept driving. He was a complete jerk. He knew the people were waiting for me at the house, but he didn't care.

He drove me to a library. He stopped the car and we walked inside. Like a wild man he began throwing books all over the place. His rampage finished, without explanation, he walked back out to the car. I followed and we both got in and rode away. I thought about what he was doing. He had enough money so he could cause people problems and then just pay off the damage afterwards. I could just imagine how he lived isolated in his house, not caring about people.

He drove back near the house and as he was parking, I jumped out of the car and went into the house. The people were still inside waiting. I told them my father was coming. I also told them how my father had taken some library books and thrown them in the river. I just hoped my father would come back into the house so I could finish the closing of the sale. I was having difficulty understanding how he could have turned into such a complete jerk. I felt sorry for the people, who had been obliged to wait.

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