Dream of: 20 August 2005 (2) "Hiding In The Attic"

I was in a car trying to escape from the police. I had a large package in the car which I was afraid the police would find. I drove the car (an old dark-green Ford) through towns and country. One time I saw a police car coming toward me on the other side of the road and I thought for sure he would pull me over. But he went on by.

Finally I drove up a dead-end hollow and stopped the car. Someone lived here in the hollow in an old house and junk was piled up everywhere. It even looked as if the place was a junkyard. When I got out of the car I lifted out the little brown puppy which was with me. I held onto the puppy because dogs were all over the place -- there must have been 100 of them. I didn't know if the dogs were dangerous, but they were running around and barking and I couldn't take any chances that they would attack my puppy.

A tall thin man (about 30 years old) stepped up to me. He seemed friendly and we talked. I told him I needed a place to stay and he seemed disposed to help me. But just then I saw a police car coming down the hollow toward us. I looked at the man and shook my head as if to plead with him not to tell the police I was here. I hoped my car was parked off to the side enough so the police wouldn't see it. The man didn't say anything and I couldn't tell whether he would give me up me. But he didn't stop me when I slipped into the brush and took off running.

I was still holding the puppy as I ran. I could hear the dogs barking and I was afraid the dogs would be used to track me. But I kept running and running until finally I reached a small town. The streets were empty. I walked along looking for somewhere to hide, until finally I saw an abandoned two-story building with all the windows broken out.

I began imagining in my mind what I would do next. I could step into the building and go up to the second floor. Then I could find an attic. I could slip into the attic and hide there. But I wouldn't stay in the main part of the attic. I would climb up over the ceiling of the attic and let myself down in a section of the attic which wouldn't be visible from the main part. There I would stay. I would occasionally come out for some provisions. But I would stay in the attic until it was once again safe to come out.

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