Dream of: 16 August 2005 "Radiation Flow"

I was walking toward a building on a college campus, when I encountered one of my professors, Albert Einstein. He and I began walking along together and talking about a radioactive substance and how the radiation flowed out of the substance. We also spoke of how the flow of radiation could be affected. He was holding a paper which contained some notes about the subject, and he spoke of the flow of radiation out of a substance lying on the bottom of the ocean. I suddenly wondered if the pressure of the water on the substance would affect the rate at which the radiation flowed out of the substance. I posed the question to him and he said I had raised an interesting question and that he planned to talk about that very subject at today's lecture.

I walked into the classroom and took my seat. I noticed Austin (about 20 years old) sitting among the other students in the classroom. I didn't have my textbook with me, but the fellow sitting next to me gave me a copy of the textbook, a thin black book. As I glanced through the book, I realized I hadn't been reading any of the book lately. I had completely neglected my studies and exams were approaching. I had likewise neglected my studies in other classes. I would have to study hard now, here at the end of the course.

This particular subject, however, interested me a great deal, and I wished I could just start at the beginning of the book and read straight through. The subject itself was not difficult for me, even though a great deal of physics was involved. So I might just read the whole book.

When the class began, Einstein was not actually in the classroom. He was in another room. A projector in this room projected Einstein's picture up on a screen in the front of the class. He began lecturing. I paid attention, even though I really didn't understand what Einstein was saying. I wasn't prepared, but at least I was interested in the subject.

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