Dream of: 15 August 2005 "Flying Deer"

I was with two fellows and woman. We considered ourselves quite hip and powerful; but at the same time we seemed a bit demonic. We were in a truck which one of the fellows was driving, cruising through the streets of a city, looking for motorcycles (which I called "wheelies") with the intent of stealing a couple. The driver almost ran over a couple people who had to jump out of the way.

Finally we saw some motorcycles parked along the curb. We stopped the truck, got out, and walked over to the bikes. We jumped on two bikes. The two fellows got on one, while the woman and I got on the other. I was driving and the woman was sitting behind me.

We didn't need any keys. With our own power we were able to start the motorcycles. The owners of the motorcycles came running out of a building as we sped off. As I held onto the handlebars, the motorcycle lifted off the ground and we began flying above the street. But now the handlebars seemed like the antlers of a deer, and the woman and I seemed to be sitting atop a flying deer instead of a motorcycle.

It was fantastic. Sitting on our flying deer, we flew over the city and out into the country, over fabulous landscapes. I was able to control the flight by gripping the antlers. The exhilaration was super.

We coasted along for a while, almost as if we were relaxing on a bus. The woman and I began talking. I knew that using my powers to steal a motorcycle would be considered wrong by most people. But I intended to ultimately do good. I also knew that the powers I had were only temporary. Therefore, I intended to use my powers now to investigate some stocks. I had some money I wanted to invest, and I figured I could use my powers to determine which stocks would be best. I thought I would find five companies in which to invest. I would use my temporary powers to pick out the best companies possible. I figured I would increase my wealth many-fold. I was just starting a great adventure.

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