Dream of: 14 August 2005 "The Race Track"

I was at a race track with Birdie, Ramo, and Ramo's girlfriend (we were all around 25-30 years old), sitting in the stands watching the races. Birdie was on my right, Ramo's girlfriend on my left, and Ramo on the other side of his girlfriend. Ramo's girlfriend and I began talking and she mentioned she knew somewhere where she could obtain some acid. She said she would like to have some and I told her I would also like to have some. I knew I hadn't taken acid in a long time. She said that she couldn't get it right now, but that she should be able to get it at some point in the future.

I started talking to Birdie  As we watched the race, Birdie said she thought she and I had class because we were able to pick a winner. I replied, "Yea, but you're such a put-on." By that, I meant Birdie frequently said things which she really didn't mean. She defended herself and said she wasn't a "put-on."

I looked out at the cars on the track. There were little cars, big cars, all kinds of cars. I picked a Mustang to win this race.

Although Birdie said I had class, she said I was lacking in two things. She said one of my problems was that I hadn't been doing any acid lately. I blurted out that I had just been talking about trying to get some acid. Birdie seemed to think she could obtain some acid from someone who lived on the corner of her street. She wanted to try to obtain some, not today, but later.

I asked her if she thought the acid was good, and she began telling a long story about how her lawyer knew the fellow who lived on the corner, and how the lawyer had thought the fellow would have good acid. I had some difficulty following the story, but apparently Birdie thought she could obtain some good acid.

I told her that I had also been talking with Walls, and that Walls thought he could obtain some acid for us. So I began looking forward to tripping with Birdie. I thought maybe even Ramo, his girlfriend, and other people, could trip with us. I remembered both Birdie and Ramo had been with me the first time I had ever tripped. Maybe we could all trip together again. I was looking forward to the prospect.

Meanwhile, I noticed the Mustang had been in the lead at first, but now had fallen behind.

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