Dream of: 13 August 2005 "Stolen Mirror"

As I looked out the window in front of my house, I saw a stranger talking to my next door neighbor. The neighbor was showing the stranger a large mirror, about a meter and a half wide and about two thirds of a meter high. It resembled a mirror in my living room, with an art deco frame. It looked as if my neighbor were trying to sell the mirror to the stranger. The stranger was examining the mirror, but he didn't seem particularly interested.

Just as the stranger was turning to leave, I began wandering how much the mirror in my living room was worth. I even thought of calling out to the stranger and offering to sell him my mirror for $100. If I asked for $100, I might be able to sell it for $75. I had paid very little for the mirror, even though it was a fine piece.

When I turned around to look at the mirror where it was hanging, it wasn't there! I also noticed that a large television which was supposed to sit in the corner of the room was missing. The whole room was practically empty except for a few odds and ends. I immediately realized someone had robbed me. I must have been robbed last night and I simply hadn't noticed yet.

This was a two-story house. I figured I must have been upstairs in my locked bedroom last night sleeping in the bed with my pet Dalmatian Picasso, and I hadn't heard anyone downstairs. The burglar had probably gone through the whole house and stolen everything of value. I began having a mental images of the things stolen and the dollar amounts of the items. I could see that it was all going to add up to a considerable amount.

I could just imagine the thief assembling all the property together in one spot, and then quickly carrying it out. I wondered what I would have done if I had awakened, looked out the upstairs window, and seen someone carrying away my belongings. I could have picked up a gun and shot the person. I definitely would have shot the person. But I hadn't seen anyone and now I would simply have to call the police and give a report of everything missing.

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