Dream of: 12 August 2005 "Heaven And Hell"

I was sitting in a large room which looked like a classroom, except the desks were not in rows, but arranged around the perimeter of the room, all facing toward the empty space in the middle. There were about 50 desks and all were occupied by people probably in their 30s.

Each person in the room was supposed to offer a topic for discussion. One by one, each person spoke and gave a brief suggestion. I was disappointed by the subject matter being offered. Everyone seemed to want to talk about mundane ordinary topics which held little or no interest to me. I wanted to talk about something of substance. So when my turn came, I stood up and said I would like to talk about Dante Alighieri and the Divine Comedy.

I immediately perceived the antagonism in the room to my idea. One fellow on the other side of the room even said something snide about how this was not an appropriate subject. I retorted that we would be talking about heaven and hell and the other place in the middle (I couldn't remember the word "purgatory"). I couldn't understand how the others couldn't see the significance of this subject and how they would simply want to talk about everyday matters, but obviously I was the only one in the room interested in the subject.

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